Jeff Evans is world renowned mountaineer, and is currently featured on The Travel Channel’s real-life rescue series, Everest Air, as the Alpine Rescue Service’s Chief high altitude medic, conducting search and rescue missions on Mount Everest.  This past fall, Jeff’s guiding skills were utilized to usher Heather and her team to Uhuru Peak, marking his fourteenth summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. 

John Masters

Dirty Freedom

Heather Thomson

Jeff Evans

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Twenty-one strangers from polarized walks of life came together with one thing in common, they were courageous, strong, and perseverant women, who were ready for a challenge.  

Leaving their comfort zones behind, this team made it their mission to conquer the challenges and overcome the physical and mental barriers, that awaited en route to the peak of Mound Kilimanjaro, the 19,341 foot African monolith. Dirty Freedom chronicles their call to action, to stand together atop one of the earth’s Seven Summits in hopes of  inspiring a movement for women, around the world, with one simple message, “Together we are stronger than we could ever be apart, and we are stronger than whatever is in our way.”

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Heather Thomson is best known as a celebrity fashion designer, and for her leading role in Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New York, though now she has decided to shed the comforts of city life, and add “Adventurer,” to her list of attributes.   In September of 2016, fueled by a desire for change and rebirth, the diva left luxury and glamor behind, and spearheaded a twenty-one woman expedition up the worlds highest free standing mountain, and to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.  

After serving in the United States Army as an Airborne Ranger, John Masters has split his time as an Adventure Guide and a multimedia entrepreneur.  As a one-man production team, John documented the 2016 climb of Kilimanjaro, and tells the story of the relentless women on their crucible, in the film, Dirty Freedom.    


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