-John Masters

Spread Out from Hell to Breakfast

A World War II Memoir By James E. Masters

MMMA Publishing


This book is the result of years of patience and labor. It has been a labor of love, but a labor none the less. As a child I grew up in Greeley, Colorado, less than a mile from my grandfather James E. Masters. My grandfather was, and to this day is, one of my absolute favorite people I have ever met. He was a patriarch in every sense of the word, and when I looked at him, I saw the embodiment of nearly a century of American History standing proudly in front of me. He had a sincere spirit, and an intelligent wit that I felt few seniors retained. Until his dying day he was still very richly himself, playing the drums in a jazz band, acting as Head Usher at Saint Marry’s Church, and serving as an officer in the Civil Air Patrol. 

One of my most prized possessions is an old 3-ring binder that was handed down to me from him. It’s contents are decades worth of Family History he had amassed. Military Training Diplomas, Certificates of Citizenship, Marriage Licenses, letters and memoirs. A treasure trove of ancestral documentation. My favorite portion of this collection are the memoirs of he and my grandmother. Page after page of their words typed up on the old typewriter, I can still picture him sitting behind, in the basement office of their old house. It has taken me several years to transfigure his loose leaf chronicle into the publication, “Spread Out from Hell to Breakfast,” but every moment of this project I felt his presence, proud to have his story told, assuring me that this endeavor has been time well spent. 

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